About Apple Tree Academy

Welcome to Apple Tree Academy, where we’ve been cultivating young minds and fostering growth since 1995. Our mission is deeply rooted in supporting and supplementing the family unit, with a focus on the individual needs of each child. We guide, nurture, and create an environment where every child can develop to their fullest potential.


Our Mission

Apple Tree Academy is committed to providing excellence in education, quality, and personalized care for children in a creative learning environment. Our dedicated staff, responsible for children aged birth to fourteen (14) years, ensures warm, loving, and qualified care. Our objectives include:

  • Establishing safe and healthy learning environments.
  • Advancing physical and intellectual competence.
  • Building positive self-concepts and individual strengths.
  • Organizing positive group dynamics for effective learning.
  • Coordinating home and center child-learning practices.


Confidence in Care

Parents and guardians can trust Apple Tree Academy to provide a safe and healthy environment where our staff strives to meet the individual social, emotional, and physical needs of every child. Our commitment includes:

  • Setting up classrooms for self-directed and teacher-directed activities.
  • Providing choices throughout the day for skill development and self-regulation.
  • Focusing on social skills and interactions through structured and unstructured activities.
  • Offering a year-round curriculum with diverse activities such as arts and crafts, field trips, and more.
  • Facilitating open communication about children’s developmental needs.

Guidance and Discipline: Conscious Discipline (CD)

Apple Tree Academy implements Conscious Discipline (CD) as our guiding philosophy for guidance and discipline. CD recognizes behavior as a form of communication and employs a multidisciplinary brain model for effective discipline. Our staff utilizes the seven skills and seven powers of CD to foster self-regulation tools and achieve program objectives.

Conscious Discipline Overview:

  • Recognizing three brain states (Survival, Emotional, Executive) to guide internal states.
  • Empowering children through choices and “Brain Smart” routines.
  • Transforming power struggles into conflict resolutions.

Conscious Discipline Training and Resources:

  • Parent training evenings introducing and practicing CD skills.
  • Staff receiving a minimum of 12 hours in-service training annually, with at least four hours dedicated to Conscious Discipline.
  • Additional resources available at www.consciousdiscipline.com and Dr. Becky Bailey’s book “Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Classrooms.”



Apple Tree Academy is proud to be licensed by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, adhering to all state regulations. Our license covers 98 children from birth to 14 years, with an overlap permit allowing 1/3 enrollment for after-school care. Benefits of choosing a licensed facility include:

  • Compliance with state rules and regulations.
  • Ensured safety and security measures.
  • Qualified and trained staff.
  • Quality care and educational programs.

For more information on Missouri Licensing Rules, visit here.

Meet our Staff


Ms. Heather - Owner

Ms. Heather grew up at Apple Tree as her mother was the one who created Apple Tree Academy. She took over in 2023.

Ms. Kay - Director

Ms. Kay has been in childcare since 1986. This job is one of the most fulfilling times of my life.

Ms. Mary

Ms. Mary has been in childcare since 1989 and joined the Apple Tree family in 1995. Seeing all the “first” is the reason she loves what she does!

Ms. S

Ms. S has been doing childcare since 1996. Ms. S is exceptional with Conscious Discipline. 

Ms. Brittany

Ms. Brittany has been doing childcare since she was 18 years old. She enjoys watching each child develop.

Ms. Madi

Ms. Madi has been in childcare since 2015. She is passionate about what she does.

Ms. Monica

Ms. Monica has been with us since 2021. The kids enjoy culture learning with her Jamaican Heritage.

Ms. Falicia

Ms. Falicia has worked in childcare since 2013. She creates a nurturing environment.

Ms. Savannah

Ms. Savannah is new to the team. She is ready to further her career with children.

Ms. Kendall

Ms. Kendall has enjoyed working with children since 2019. She is fun and patient with all children.

Ms. Kara

Ms. Kara has made childcare her career since 2004. She loves creating hands on activities for children.

Ms. Jordyn

Ms. Jordyn has been doing childcare since 2019. She is great at creating a calm and safe environment for children.

Ms. Trista

Ms. Trista started her career in childcare in 2016 right out of high school. She enjoys all ages and loves watching them grow. 

Join Apple Tree Academy, where growth, learning, and a caring community come together for your child’s bright future.

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